Situated in the western/central region of the Algarve, west side of Albufeira, Portugal


Latitude: 37º 05'N    Longitude: 08º 15.2'W 

Access by Sea and Entry: 
Approach at approximately 315º to enter between the sea walls into the harbour. 
East Beacon: Tower painted with horizontal green and white stripes, green light.
West beacon: Tower painted with horizontal red and white stripes, red light.

After passing through the sea walls, proceed along the navigational channel as demarcated by the lateral green and red markings until the entrance to the marina channel indicated by two cylindrical tower beacons painted with wide green and white stripes at starboard and red and white at port. The channel is dredged at elevation -4.0 (ZH)and the reception quay is situated at the end of the channel on the starboard side.

Radio call sign:<<Marina de Albufeira>>
channel 9 VHF (reception timetable)


Shipyard Reception: 
The Shipyard Reception is situated at the entrance of the marina next to the gas station pontoon. Visitors need to report o reception in order to register the arrival and departure of their vessels from the shipyard.

Reception Hours: 
01 October to 31 March            09H00 - 18H00
01 April to 30 June                   09H00 - 19H00
1 to 30 September                     09H00 - 20H00
01 July to 31 August                 08H30 - 21H00

Access Cards: 
Electronic cards are available at the marina receptions are required to access the pontoons and bathrooms.

Correspondence for clients should be addressed to: Albumarina - Sociedade Gestora de Marinas, SA Varzea da Orada - Apartado 2422
8201-918 Albufeira
Correspondence must be collected from the marina Reception, except in the event of an established urgency when it will be delivered on board.

Public telephone and fax
Available at the marina Reception and the around the marina walkway.

Vigilant patrols are carried out 24 hours per day all around the marina by a specialised security firm.  We also have a CCTV system.

Underground Car Parking
Traffic is not allowed in the marina water front promenade.  We have an underground car park with a capacity of 1000 places.